Courtesy of Greg Thompson
July 25 2012

Molly Pic 3Molly (Mollywood) McLeim hails from exotic Indonesia. She is beautiful, dynamic talented and creative. Equally impressive on both sides of the camera, Mollywood Hollywood is loved and treasured for the impact she delivers to those around her. She is the only member of her family in California, but doesn’t give in to homesickness. She makes herself open to all and shares her gifts, ranging from nursing and photography, to digital and computerized technology and applies them not only in the entertainment field, but in the health care industry. She stars as a “real life” Florence Nightingale for disabled and elderly individuals. Her gifts have made an impact, and have attracted a large pool of people, including actors, singers, and publicists.

Most important is her interaction with Maria Amor, whose nonprofits, Exotifit for Humanity, We Care for the World, and her professional networks , ’Are just like family’. Mollywood is one of the most effective and talented variables of this group of professionals; Consequently thousands of lives have been positively touched by her angelic presence. Her life’s worth is not calculated by the sheer sum of celebrities and star studded events that she has captured on film, but by her adamant persistence to make herself available to help people in their time need.

These days, many are manipulated by the most popular, seemingly in vogue life-styles or fads of the day: rap music, medical pot, same sex marriages, abortions. More people should become enamored to the thinking of a Mollywood. Use your life to help others. Don’t always look for a way to conform to the “hit of the season”. Health is wealth… life and helping those in it are more valuable than money.

Mollywood Hollywood is a is a role model for young women, and fellow photo-journalists, Her work is highly sought after She visits thousands events, from those hosted at Hollywood’s “The W”, to 99% of Maria Amor’s functions. Mollywood is not only a member of an elite sect of media professionals, but she is also a well loved, respected, and an accomplished member of the family of Amor- a very diversified group of people of various ethnicities, genders, races, skills, ages, and cultures. She makes a difference with her well shot and well lit photographic and civil diversity and accuracy. She captures time, places and things-She makes people, places and “improper nouns” live forever in her photo time capsules.

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